Saturday, July 25, 2009

what with Grade

what with grade

Protein assays determine the amount of protein in an unknown solution. They do this by measuring certain distinctive protein characteristics which involve UV absorbance. So by doing this experimen we know that, grade of the egg do determine the protein content on the egg. Egg is actually the most important source of protein and it is cheap compare to another source of protein like fish, meat, milk and other. Protein is usefull in order to built cell in children and replace dead cell in children and adult. They are many types of egg in the market and we should know what determine the qualitiy, protein content, or even which types that have vitamin that is vital for us to keep healthy. From my reading on several web site here are the list of how people characterize the egg.

Egg selection by size

Egg selection by quality

Egg selection by price

Egg as source of diet

A good egg as a source of diet should contain over 6g of protein and 300 mg of cholesterol. Egg has several nutrients that are important to our body such as choline, vitamin A, vitamin B, selenium and others. One egg has about 80 calories with more than 5 gram of fat. So keep in our mind that one egg is enough for a good diet. 3-4 egg may bring harm to us.

Omega-3 egg

Omega egg are egg that are produced by hens fed a died rich in omega-3 fatty acid that are crucial to our body as our body doesn’t produced them its help to prevent cardiovascular disease.


In the conclusion, the grade of the egg do determines by the price, the Quality and the content on the egg. Thus we as the consumer should think more wisely either we want to purchase base on the nutrient content and Quality or by the price.


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