Thursday, July 29, 2010

PBL-Group 1
Group members

• Nur Hidayah Binti Shaari (D20071029446)

• Muna Munirah Binti Haji Zakaria (D2007109562)

• Nor Fadhillah Binti Ramli ( D20071029484)

• Mohd Zulhusni Bin Zulkifli (D20071029461)

What is CNS?
Divided into 2 parts:-
  • Brain
  • Spinal cord

Function of spinal cord?
It has 2 main function:
-center for many reflex action
-means of communication between the brain and spinal nerves
-contains motor areas and sensory areas
It can be divided into:-
Forebrain- cerebrum and diencephalon
Midbrain- midbrain(parts of the brain stem)
Hindbrain- Pons,cerebellum and medulla oblongata
Function of brain:-
Function of
Center of intelect,memory, conciousness and language and also control sensation.

Develops into:-
  • Epithalamus
  • Thalamus
  • Hypothalamus
  • Thalamus: main input center for sensory information going to the cerebrum and the main output center for motor information
  • Hypothalamus: regulate a widw variety of physiological processes : maintainance body temperature,feeding
Midbrain(part of brainstem)
Comprising the medula oblongata
  • Control and integrate reflex activities,eg: respiration and breathing
  • Receives sensory input from eyes,ears and muscles
  • Connects various parts of brain with one another
  • Contain respiratory and sleep center
What causes coma?
The reticular activating system(RAS) is a neutral pathway between the brain stem and thalamus.
The RAS received message from neuron in the spinal cord and from many other part of the nervous system and communicate with the cerebral cortex by complex neuron cicuit.
Component of the RAS help regulate concsiousness
When certain neuron of the RAS bombard the cerebral cortex with stimuli, the individual feels alert and can focus on specific talk. If the RAS is severely damaged, the indivedual may past into a deep permanent coma.